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AA: y0ure ready t0 resume w0rk i see
AA: that was a statement n0t a questi0n
TA: yeah. ju2t giive me a miinute.
TA: kiind of haviing a moment here.
TA: sort of a per2onal epiiphany 2tyle of thiing.
TA: or maybe iit’2 a memory?
AA: i d0nt understand
TA: yeah, ii know.

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Summary: What if the pre-scratch universe started out with no caliginous quadrant? How would the black side of the grid come into troll society?
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Summary: While searching for Roxy in the Furthest Ring, Dirk comes across several dream bubbes. But his Roxy seems to be in none of them.
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See You In Your Dreams )
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You draw a deep breath, cup your hands, and dive into the dark.

We are pleased to see you again so soon, young one. Will you come to us?


You are swallowed whole.

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they kiss at the end of this fanfic )
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Vid: The Corinthians (Grand Highblood <3< Summoner)

Summary: The Summoner reflects on an impossible world where a petulant rivalry is the darkest the black will go, and wonders what went wrong with his world where kismesissitude is one step away from destruction. But perhaps he has the true version of romance after all, and the kinder world never was, and never should have been.
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The Corinthians )
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Summary: It was suppose to be just a simple drive home. Same old same old, the only difference was that Dave offered his dormmate a ride. A missed turn, however, would change all of that.
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The List )
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Summary: "I tru$ted you to hold my heart, but now faith is pulling me away from you." - Famous singer Troll Ke$ha

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Summary: Whatever the fuck "kismesis" means, all you're sure of is that you've won the creepy little heart of a certain shitty clown. No matter what that dumbass Karkat says about things like "disembowelment" and "certain peril".
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Summary: There are plenty of other things you'd rather be doing than working evening shift at the slowest university cafe in existence. But at least the company is sort of bearable, until you remember his stupid hipster glasses and insufferable attitude. ..Well, okay, maybe even then.
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It Had To Be You )
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Summary:  Captain Jade Harley was ready for an adventurous life of Space Exploration, but now she's stuck on a long voyage in the company of her attractive annoying first mate Egbert, and the insufferable alien buttface they picked up along the way.

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Summary: Kanaya was immortal. Rose could be. Jade would never be.
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