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Vid: The Corinthians (Grand Highblood <3< Summoner)

Summary: The Summoner reflects on an impossible world where a petulant rivalry is the darkest the black will go, and wonders what went wrong with his world where kismesissitude is one step away from destruction. But perhaps he has the true version of romance after all, and the kinder world never was, and never should have been.

Characters: Grand Highblood, Summoner, Pyralsprite, Darkleer (providing helpful instruction), Dualscar (mentioned)
Ships: Grand Highblood <3< Summoner

Category One:
Tags Present: NSFW, Gore, Body Horror
Tags Not Used: None

Category Two:
Tags Present: None
Tags Not Used: None

Category Three (Optional):
Tags Present: None

Additional Tags (Optional): Blood (where our body horror and gore tag comes in), Bondage, Revolution Related Violence

- Opening. Summoner heading for something. As he steps over a puddle, the younger pre-scratch version is visible. The music is creepy carnival themed.

- Summoner walks to a ticket booth manned by GHB in three stages. At each stage am upside down reflection of the pre-scratch pair interact, mostly being very silly and immature. Post-scratch don't really acknowledge one another.

- After getting a ticket from the Highblood, Summoner enters a building painted to look like the face of a snarling clown. A board outside welcomes all who enter to the 'Not-So-Fun House.' The Summoner makes a gesture at the Highblood just before entering the hall of mirrors. It is probably in violation of another sign tacked up:
D--> Please do not be 100d to the Highb100d
D--> The Highb100d is asked not to be 100d, either
D--> Rule: BE CIVIL!

- Summoner is in the hall of mirrors, surrounded by reflections of pre-Scratch days where the relationship between Pre-Scratch Nitram and Makara seems to be silly and rambunctious.

- Summoner walks down a corridor of several mirrors. To the right Pre-Scratch, to the left, Post-Scratch images. The Post-Scratch images are fairly negative, becoming less and less intimate, and more distanced as the Summoner continues down the line of mirrors. On the right, the Pre-Scratch boys grow up, coming into a kind of understanding about their special relationship.

- There's a heavy music shift here to an 'upbeat' tone, just as there is a confrontation with the Summoner's Pre-Scratch self. Pre-Scratch appears stubborn and annoyed, Post-Scratch just looks tired.

- An image of a Pre-Scratch world where Summoner's shennanigans have GHB considering kismesis. An innocent way of discovering that you're black for someone.

- Then there is a Pre-Scratch world where Summoner is realizing his own black feelings for the big jerk-y idiot. Again, the sweeter lighter side of a partnership of rivals.

- Major shift in musical mood. This time, the art is everything negative and aggressive about a kismesis. We've entered the Post-Scratch world, and these boys play for keeps now. What they're keeping might involve chains and safe words, or it could just be the Aleternian justice system hard at work for the amusement of the Highblood.

- With the revolution in full swing, and Pyralspite burning everything in her path, the Summoner rushes at the Highblood. In the next image/memory of utter all hating, "shit you guys might need an ashen or you'll break each other and the rest of us, too" kismesissitude, the Summoner straddles the Highblood with a grim expression on his features.

- The music transitions to heartbreak on the piano, and the audience transitions to two perspectives. The Summoner and Pre-Scratch Summoner confront each other again, but this time little Nitram looks exhausted, while the Summoner glares past him at something else.

- The Summoner watches the Pre-Scratch GHB kidding around and annoying the hell out of Pre-Scratch Nitram on Trollian, with an expression of irritation, while the Pre-Scratch sees the mess of the Post Scratch world embodied in the Highblood.

- The Summoner sees what might have been, some Pre-Scratch trolls defending each other, and cooperating to enure that no one else messes with their kismesis.

- But then he sees what was, at a point where "I'm the only one who gets to break you down, and I will shatter you" seems to be the only way that they can interact with each other. The Summoner bares his teeth as a shadow looms over his bound form.

- But hope? A rare moment of caring during the hate sex fun times. The Summoner slowly kisses the Highblood as they hold onto one another. They don't say anything. It's always best to keep these moments close to the heart, and hidden from memory, so that they can't be snatched away.

- Still, the feeling that something is wrong is overwhelming, and in the Hall of Mirrors the Summoner sits on the floor looking up at the ceiling, wondering if it would have mattered. What if everything had been different? Is what he has something strange and wrong? Is this how it must always be?

- The Summoner rises, thinging "wELL, cOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT WORSE, yOU KNOW?" There is a bit of good in there as well, even if it nearly drowned in the dark.

- Summoner heads to the exit down a mirrored corridor, no reflections Sign overhead says: Exit.

- End credits, music stops. In a alley at the back of the hall, the door is still partially open. Vandals have clearly gone after the alley with graffiti, while the Grand Highblood <3< Summoner team loiters. A Theopiden-like dragonite flies over a large white graffiti dragon, with the team motto written on it.
We do not need subtlety, we have dragons and muderclowns! - Pi symbol
Our Palhoncho, Saingirl101, stands as Sylph of Mind, glancing up at another comment the scurrilous vandals have drawn:
When in doubt, if we can't torment our own characters, there's always Dualscar.
At the center of the group, A black cat is hiding secrets in the form of OhTheSparkles. In front of the group, Rainbowpui is ready to be our tablet warrior artist. Behind Rainbowpui, MorriganFearn stands with a spraypaint can in one hand, staring at a large piece of graffiti that states "Summoner <3< GBH." In the center of the spade is 'HSO 2012.'
Our team thanks you for watching Grand Highblood <3< Summoner.
Saingirl101, Theopiden, OhTheSparkles, MorriganFearn, Rainbowpui.


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