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Summary: While searching for Roxy in the Furthest Ring, Dirk comes across several dream bubbes. But his Roxy seems to be in none of them.

Characters: Dirk, Roxy, Bro, Mom, various horrorterrors, Frigglish.
Ships: Dirk<3Roxy, Bro<3Mom.

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Visual novel Download Link:

(Note: You may have to update Directx to get it to work)

Video version in case you can't get it to play (And mac users):


[Title Page with the words "See You In Your Dreams" in purple. Horrorterrors loom in the background. Music playing in background: Dord Waltz]

[Bank grey screen. Music playing in background: Rustless Fall]

Today has been exhausting.

You’ve been working your ass off since the moment you woke up: finishing the last bits of Jake’s robot and then repairing a part of Squarewave’s arm that had broken during a particularly rad threeway rapping battle between him, yourself, and Sawtooth. You’re more aware of your exhaustion from the work because Roxy’s voice hasn’t been chatting endlessly over the web mic while you work. It’s not like you require it to work, but it definitely helps in keeping your mind from wandering.

You haven’t talked to Jane or Jake all day, either. Today is a day set aside for working, not to mention you’d rather not deal with the usual guilty pull at your heartstrings when you talk to Jake. After all, your feelings are still up in the air, but everyone has already taken conclusions.

You hate feeling like you’re leading everyone on, but you can only do so much when you’re four hundred years in the future.

A sound from behind you pulls your attention away from your thoughts and your work; the familiar chime of your computer. You extricate yourself from the pile of robotics and wipe the grease off of your face then, as an afterthought, throw on a shirt.

On the screen, instead of what you had expected — drunken slurs accompanied by a video chat request — you find yourself staring at a particularly strange set of messages.

[Fullview of the computer, the Pesterchum window taking up a good portion of the space.]

TG: hey dirksies
TG: *dorkie lol
TG: whn u get this let me kno
TG: im getitin pertty tiredd
TG: get off ur lazy ass n talk to me
TG: yawwwwnnnnnn
TG: omg srsly hurryt up!!!!!!!!
TG: jfc

[Dialogue box shows up over the bottom of the screen]

Well, really, the only strange thing about them is that the most recent was sent over two hours ago.

You resist the urge to slap your forehead in frustration, replacing it with a frustrated frown — of course. You’d been too involved in your work to even notice. By now, she’d probably fallen asleep (actually, that was without a doubt), and that wasn’t good. Considering her tendency to float off into the purple-black abyss of Derse, she could already be long gone.

You step back from the computer desk to massage the bridge of your nose, and then sigh. It looks like you have no choice, then.

[Dirk laying down on bed, eyes shut, and glasses on the pillow beside him.]

You take off your glasses and set them down on your pillow before laying down next to them. You don’t have to sleep to get things done on Derse, but… you’re exhausted. You might as well.

It takes you seconds to fall asleep, and the world blurs out of focus [Changes to Dirk's room on Derse. His glasses are back on his face and his eyes are beginning to open. Music change: Obsidian Towers]. Your purple surroundings on Derse, which you were only dimly aware of before, now command all of your senses.

The discomfort from switching bodies only disorients you briefly. [Picture changes to Dirk's room on Derse, showing his bed, desk, and Lil Cal] Assessing your surroundings, you conclude that no one has intruded on your tower while you were asleep.


[Picture of Dirk's window on Derse. Visible through it is the other tower, and several pieces of the city.]

It's time to begin your search.

[Image of Roxy's purple-pink tower.]
[Image of Roxy's room on Derse. Everything is purple, and there is a kitty plushie on her bed. The bed is empty and unmade]

You observe your surroundings: Roxy’s tower is just as messy as her room is, perhaps even more so. It isn’t your place to snoop, though. You look over at her bed, though the motion is more formality than anything because there is a distinct lack of snoring.

Dirk: Of course you’re not here.

It could only be safe to assume, then, that she’s floated into the abyss. You’d know already if she had been floating over Derse; the residents would be causing a ruckus, and more likely than not there would have already been a few halfhearted assassination attempts. And you know she’s not dead. It’s more a gut feeling than actual knowledge, but… You trust your gut. That’s enough for you, because Roxy can’t be dead.

[Picture moves. The outside of her window is now visible, with parts of Derse's various buildings.]

Dirk: All right, Roxy. Here I come. You better hope your pretty little ass isn't in too much trouble.

Your gut isn't quite so sure on that count.

[Full image of Derse that gets smaller and smaller]

[The Furthest Ring. Several horrorterrors float in the distance, as well as four dream bubbles of different colours and sizes. Music for this scene is: Sweet Dreams, Timaeus]

Roxy is somewhere out here, you just know it. Might as well start in one of the dreambubbles. So... Which one?

> The purple bubble
> The green bubble
> The blue bubble
> The orange bubble

Purple bubble:

[Transitions into a picture of Mom Lalonde and Bro Strider sitting on the couch in the Lalonde household. A wizard statue stands in the background, and just visible is the picture Rose drew of Jaspers on the fridge. Mom Lalonde is holding a martini, and the two of them are looking at each other and smiling. The music for this part of the scene is Pale Rapture.]

The woman in front of you... she's gorgeous. For a split-second you don't know who she is and you're wondering if you wandered into the wrong bubble on accident, but then you've always known her and the moment is forgotten in the midst of her laugh, which is several different kinds of familiar.

[Sprites appear of Bro and Mom, in the alterniabound style.]

Roxy: ~laughs~ No! No he didn't!
Dirk: ~smirks~ Oh, but he did. Little shit's getting better.
Roxy: ~smiles~ Not as good as you, of course.
Dirk: Well, I have like a million years on him, so obviously not.
Roxy: ~gasp/shock/surprise~ Le gasp! Dirksy, is this why you've been refusing to tell my poor old self your age? Are you secretly a million year-old creeper kept just young enough by flash-stepping your way into the embrace of general relativity?
Dirk: And drinking the blood of innocents. Don't forget that.
Roxy: ~laughs~ Well I suppose it's understandable that such an old man would have a taste for the classics.

Your brother, Dave, is seven years old, and the kid manages to impress even you some days. Right now, though, you're out of town making an appearance in New York, which is only partially an excuse to see your best friend. It's only the fourth time you've seen her in person, but you're drinking and you long since gave up any attempts at keeping the illusion you are the manlier drinker. Despite appearances, which are basically just that she is always drunk, you know she's not really even tipsy yet. You, on the other hand, probably qualify.

Dirk: ~wider smirk~ I thought I'd made it apparent that I have quite the taste for the classics.
Roxy: ~sarcastic smirk/eyeroll~ Oh, no, Dirk. Stop. Your wily charms are going to make me forget that you're unattainable and I will be unable to refrain from throwing myself at you.
Dirk: ~smirks~ All you need to do that is a few more drinks, trust me.
Roxy: ~smiles~ I'd better hurry up, then. Nothing ever goes wrong when you have alcohol to blame.
Dirk: ~Neutral~ Is that your excuse for losing my hat?
Roxy: Oh Dirk, I didn't lose your hat. I hid it. There's a difference.
Dirk: You're impossible.

You abandon that train of thought for now and down the rest of your glass , ensuring that you have officially crossed the line into tipsy, and quite likely a few steps farther. You work up the nerve to kiss her, that night, but you know she thinks you're just too drunk to think straight, and though she's had far more than you, she's the one awake first in the morning with a massive glass of water and promises of coffee once you've swallowed every drop.

[Sprites disappear, background fades]

The memory fades, then; blurs into another, [Picture of Land of Light and Rain, with the pastel sea and yellow and pink clouds. Music changes to Lotus (Bloom)] and you're in a place you don't recognize, but then you do. You just got your board back from the kid's house, the one who reminds part of you of someone you aren't supposed to know. The sole other dude that Dave is friends with. Just like the last time you saw her, seeking her out in her daughter's land of eternal sunrise and sea is something you do because you found an excuse to get close enough. So long as you've traveled that far, you might as well see your best friend. [Mom sprite appears, expression neutral]

She's waiting for you, and you don't know how she knew you were coming, but it doesn't really surprise you. Perils aside, you're much closer now than New York and Texas ever were, and maybe she knew you well enough or maybe she was just hoping. She's sipping at a martini when you finally lean against the wall beside her. Casual drinking, not her usual practical gulps, which makes you think a lot has changed since you last saw her. ~Bro sprite appears, expression neutral~

Roxy: Hello, Dirk.
Dirk: Yo, Rox.
Roxy: It's been a while.
Dirk: I've been raising a kid. Same as you.
Roxy: Yes, and what a venture that's been.
Dirk: ~concern~ You really... don't sound like yourself. She did this to you?
Roxy: ~sad~ Rose wants nary a thing to do with me. It tends to make one try a bit harder to be a good role model.
Dirk: They're just kids, though. They don't mean it.
Roxy: ~grimace~ Don't they? Some days I think that my daughter would far have preferred to raise herself.

There's a long, awkward pause, and the both of you think for a while that maybe too much has changed.

Dirk: ~neutral~ Where's your flask?
Roxy: ~neutral~ Out of your reach. You've got too much to do right now to be drunk.
Dirk: You're drinking.
Roxy: ~smiles~ I'm not a lightweight.

And that's familiar and Roxy-ish, even though it's still masked by her stupid classy act, and maybe it's not exactly how things went. You can't remember, because your head is now absent of the memories that weren't quite yours. ~Sprite change to dead~ The Dirk and Roxy that you were an interloper to for a few minutes stand in front of you, grown and with experiences you've never had. Some (knowing Dave and Rose, meeting frequently in person, having human contact) he envied; some (dying, being ostracized guardians, drifting apart) he didn't.

[Sprites take on empty white eyes of the dead]

Older Dirk: ~frowns~ Really? Because I was under the impression you'd turned into one.
Older Roxy: ~grimace~ A mother will do whatever is best for her children.
Older Dirk: Was it?
Older Roxy: Probably not. Was your way?
Older Dirk: ~smirks~ They came out all right.
Older Roxy: ~sad~ I'm sorry.
Older Dirk: ~neutral~ Where is he?
Older Roxy: I don't actually know. ~smiles~ Kinda more glad I found you, though.

[Bro & Mom sprites disappear]

You leave, then, because your Roxy isn't there and, while they haven't told you to leave, you still feel like you're intruding. In fact, you're reasonably sure that they haven't noticed you there, either too wrapped up in each other or actually unable to see you.

You fly off in a random direction until the lingering bright pastels of the last memory disappear in favor of the dark, uncomfortable vastness of the Furthest Ring.

[Return to bubble screen. Text is the same]

The Green Bubble:

[Black screen with dialogue box. Music that starts playing is The Lost Child]

You find yourself in your room, at your computer, surrounded by scraps of robots and puppets. Instantly, beyond your control, old feelings slam you in the face like a fucking bullet train.

[Picture of a younger Dirk sitting at a computer.]

You’re overwhelmed by how lonely you are, without any sort of human interaction. You remember time and time again that you’ve never seen or touched another person before in your life, sans old YouTube videos.

[A look at his computer screen. He's switching through various tabs for old forums]

You’re automatically checking over various forums and news websites, desperate for something new to happen. Everything came to a halt in cyberspace a few hundred years ago, so you’re stuck reading old headlines that don’t matter anymore. Listlessly, you cycle through the same tabs that you always do, searching for something new that you may have missed before. The actions are compulsive.

[Dirk continues flipping through tabs]

You can’t stop. The more you realize that, the more you’re beaten over the head with old, irrelevant happenings, the more anxious you become.
But you just. Can’t. Stop.

When you finally absorb that, you realize that things change. You snap back to reality.

[Picture of Dirk, back in his Derse Pyjamas, and a little older.

You can control yourself again. You do. You split off from your old self, who is still obsessing on the computer and tearing his hair out. You bounce because you need something new. You can’t be deterred.

[Roxy's bed, covered in stuffed animals]

You’re a fly on the wall.You’re not sure what’s stopping you from speaking to the younger version of Roxy: fear of her spotting you and having to explain what’s happening, or fear of her not seeing you at all. You decide you don’t want to find out.

[Picture of Roxy hugging Frigglish]

She definitely can’t see you, you realize, since you’re standing right next to the head of her bed and keeping tabs on her. It dawns on you that she’s whispering to Frigglish. Her accent is awkward, given she has little mastery of the English language. She’s the same as you were: she has no one to practice it with.

[Sprites of Younger Roxy and Frigglish show up]

ROXY: -Sad-Hey, baby… How was your day? Did you make nice with the other kitten cats?
ROXY: Good, good. You’re the big man, you know. Mama’s favorite boy. That makes you the alpha and stuff! Or is that with dogs? Fuck, Frigglish, I don’t even know. Maybe wolves have evolved into something more scarier that doesn’t require social hierarchies. Maybe the alphas just eat the betas and mamas and asexually reproduce and they’re just the only wolves in the world. Wouldn’t that be strange, Frigglybutt? Maybe the alphas are just as lonely as we are.
ROXY: Don’t worry. I’m just being stupid again.
ROXY: I love you, Friggles. You’re the only one who seems to understand me. I wish that you could talk back… Maybe I’ll try to make something for you we can communicate, next? After I’m done with your suit?
FRIGGLISH: Meow meow!
ROXY: -crying- You’re the cutest baby… I’m getting so lonely. There’s only so much I can do on my own, you know? I wish there was someone else out there that I could talk to. Someone I can communicate in what’s apparently my native language. Another human…

[Picture of Frigglish nuzzling Roxy's face, kissing away her tears]

You envy the cat to death because you want with all your heart is to fucking hold her and kiss her and tell her that she’s not alone. She’s never been alone.

ROXY: -smile through tears- Hee hee… you have the best breath of any boy I know, babe. What a true gentleman. Maybe I’ll find a way to mix you some cologne.
ROXY: -neutral- I love you too! You’re too kind to me. Will you come with mama to get a martini?
ROXY: I know, I really shouldn’t keep drinkin’, but Mom Lalonde left me some, y’know? Probably for a reason. Let’s go, kitten.

[Picture of Roxy staring at the camera sadly]

She stares right at you. Right through you.

You need to find her. Right. Fucking. Now.

[Return to bubble selection screen]

Blue Bubble:

[Picture of Dirk's room. Lil Cal sits on the desk, and Dirk's computer screen shows a background with jpegified orange soda. Music that plays is Candles and Clockwork (Alpha Version)]

Oh. You remember this. You remember this room, with its walls blank except for the Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff posters, and the big screen you can turn on but there's nothing on it.

Except … remember it? Of course you remember it. This is your room. This is your room, and those are your robots, and this is your computer. And there, on your computer, flashing, is an icon. That means your best friend is talking to you.

[ A close-up on Dirk's computer, with a pesterchum window displaying messages from Roxy ]

TG: hiiiiiiiii dirk!
TG: dirk dirk
TG: dirk r u thr?

You should probably respond.

TT: Hi Roxy.

You're not very good at typing yet. You can solder and bend metal and teach robots to rap, and you're even okay with software when you need to be. But talking to another person is difficult. You haven't had much practice, after all: Roxy is the only one. And she's not very good at typing, either!

TG: hye dirk!
TG: oops i mean hey
TG: im glad ur here :)
TT: I'm glad you're here too.
TT: I wish I could see you in real life.
TT: I am happy here with Cal but to see you would be good also.
TG: awwwwww dikr :) i thk so 2 :) it woud b real good
TG: haha mb smeday
TT: Maybe.
TG: o o o dirk! i found a thng on my comptr!
TG: it can tak pickturs
TG: do u hav 1 do u want 2 see me
TG: i tihnk i can sho u my face :)

Before you have a chance to respond, an icon pops up on the screen. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCEPT THIS FILE?

[Screen shows a box saying 'File Transfer: Would you like to accept this file?' And the choices for 'YES' and 'NO'.]

You would definitely like to accept this file.

[ Picture of Roxy shows up on the desktop. She's smiling and waving at the camera, a little awkwardly, since it's the first time she's taken a picture of herself.]

[Picture of Dirk sitting at the computer. Smiling a bit]

[Back to computer, where Roxy has left more messages.]

TG: dirk?
TG: dirk did u get it
TG: did it wurk
TG: dirk r u there????
TT: .... Yes I'm here.
TT: I'm sorry.
TT: I've never seen anyone like you before.

You've never seen anyone like yourself before. The only humanoid you've seen in real life is Cal, and... where is Cal? Oh, there he is.

[Picture of Lil Cal]

[Dirk hugs Cal with a small smile]

You're getting so grown up, he says, and someday soon you won't need him anymore. But you don't believe that. He's your best friend, outside of Roxy. He's your only friend that's here.

[Close up of Cal's face.]

Tell her what you're thinking, Cal says. You take a deep breath. Sharing your feelings is scary, even sharing them with Roxy, but Cal always gives you good advice.

[Return to pesterlogs]

TT: Roxy, you're so beautiful.
TG: whuttttt
TG: dirk shhh no
TG: im all weerd looking like im all soft instead of tuf and hard lik normal pepl
TG: i have fur on my hed like cats do
TG: its ok u dont hav 2 b nice i jus wanted u 2 c
TT: No. You're not weird.
TT: Or if you are weird, I am weird too.

[ A picture of Dirk. He's smiling sort of awkwardly for the camera, not entirely sure what he's doing.]

[Back to the pesterchum window]

TT: See?
TT: I just found out
TT: :)
TT: ...No, wait.
TT: I've seen you before. What am I talking about? Of course I've seen you. We've been friends for years.
TT: This is the first picture you ever sent me of yourself, isn't it? When we were kids.
TG: drik what r u talking abt
TT: Shit. Rox, I'm sorry. This isn't where I'm supposed to be. I'm still looking for you.
TG: ?????
TG: im rite here
TT: No, this isn't... I'm sorry. Go to sleep, Roxy. I'll see you in your dreams, ok?

[ Back in his Derse PJs, Dirk is still hugging Lil Cal, but is no longer smiling and his eyes are closed]

You close your eyes. You hope you will see her... and soon.

[Return to bubble selection screen]

Orange Bubble:

[Single picture of a swarm of cats. The tip of Dirk's spiky hair and one arm are all that can be seen in the mass. Nyancat starts playing.]

Meowcats: MEOW.

Nope. Nope. Fuck no. Roxy isn't here; you're getting the hell out of here.

[Furthest Ring. There are a lot of horrorterrors here, and their tentacles are partially obscuring several dream bubbles. Here and there are dimly glowing eyes. The music that starts playing is House of Lalonde.]

Making your way out of the bubble, you are greeted yet again by the cold emptiness of the Furthest Ring. It's been bubble after bubble after bubble, and you still haven't found a trace of Roxy. Not the real Roxy, your Roxy. The girl is too restless for her own good.

Just when you'd started to give up hope (not really, because it's not like you can just leave your best friend floating around in the abyss), there's movement up ahead. And... yeah, that purple is definitely a different purple from the dark, generic goth-purple of the tentacle-monsters and voidyness. You float closer.

[Picture of Roxy in her Derse pyjamas, asleep and frowning as a nightmare plagues her. She is struggling unconsciously with a mass of horrorterrors.]

Crap. Fuck. Okay, gotta get Roxy out NOW. No time to dick around. Hard to say exactly what they might be doing to her.

???: You cannot protect her forever.

[Furthest Ring again. Dirk sprite in his derse pyjamas shows up, arms crosed and looking surprised.]

Dirk: The fuck?
???: You come, again and again, to rescue her from our domain, but this is where she belongs. She will be in our clutches, much like the Seer that went before her. It is inevitable.

If any of them has a mouth they're actually speaking through, you can't make it out. It's hard to tell whether they're exuding sound from their many appendages or if they're just in your head, because the sound seems to come from everywhere. Either way, you want to get right the hell out of there. With Roxy in tow. Obviously.

[Dirk Sprite uncrosses arms and glares]

Dirk: Roxy hardly belongs anywhere there isn't any alcohol.

You joke because you don't want to give them anything serious to dig their tentacles into. You've got... to call it a bad feeling would be the understatement of the past several centuries.

???: Oh, don't worry, young one. Just because we aren't interested in you doesn't mean we don't know every one of your weaknesses. Your attempts at shrouding the truth have obscured nothing from us.

[Dirk's sprite is surprised, and then is replaced with an image of the horrorterrors grabbing onto Dirk's arms]

???: We are your truest Gods, and we know everything about you. You are such a small and petty creature, trying to pull all of the strings. You think you can be the hero, the conductor and puppetmaster, but you cannot. You are nothing. The girl is far more important than you.

[Pictures of Dirk's room, then Roxy giving pumpkins to the carapaces. the picture goes back to the shot of Roxy struggling with the horrorterrors, and then a picture of Dirk struggling more actively with the horrorterrors, reaching for Roxy.]

???: She is stronger, wiser, better. You think yourself more useful, but that is only because you command opportunities she doesn't. She makes the most of hers and you squander yours.

[Picture of Bro and Mom from the first bubble, then Mom in the Land of Light and Rain. Ends with the picture of Dirk struggling again.]

???: She has always been better. Has always been greater than you could ever hope to be.

[Picture of Dirk, quietly angry]

Dirk: Shut the fuck up. Don't you dare compliment her.
???: Does it hurt, Prince?

[Again, the picture of Roxy struggling with the horrorterrors]

???: Does it burn to know that this woman you see as a lowly drunk is so much more than you will ever be, and that she has had a destiny written in the stars for her since the start?
Dirk: What's her name?
???: What?
Dirk: You heard me.

[Picture of very angry Dirk]

Dirk: What. Is. Her. Name, you fucking celestial assholes?!
???: ...
Dirk: Exactly. You don't know her. You don't know the first thing about her, and I wish you would stop pretending you did. Because you have no fucking clue how great she is. You haven't glimpsed the very first layer of the onion comprised of Roxy's best qualities, much less the deep layers that would make you cry, that would warm and break the cockles of your nonexistent, immortal horrorterror hearts. So get the hell out of my head and fucking stop whatever the fuck you're doing to Roxy because she is not yours and you do not know her.

[Picture of Dirk struggling once more, followed by a picture of Dirk breaking free, then Roxy. The last picture is Dirk holding her hand.]

Dirk: Come on, Rox, let's go home.

[The End, accompanied by Pink Cat]

Music used:

Dord Waltz - coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
Rustless Fall - coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
Obsidian Towers - Prospit & Derse
Sweet Dreams, Timaeus - Homestuck Volume 9
Pale Rapture - Homestuck Volume 9
Lotus (Bloom): Hoemstuck Volume 8
The Lost Child - Homestuck Volume 8
Candles and Clockwork (Alpha version) - Homestuck Volume 9
House of Lalonde - Land of Fans and Music
Pink Cat - coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B

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